Ben Bac Sierra’s “Inventing Your Destiny” Presentation, Thursday, November 17, 2011

There is no truth except imagination.

Once upon a time, the truth was the Earth was flat. That was the truth for more than one thousand years and to disagree with that truth was to be tortured for imagination. Once upon a time, the truth was that I was supposed to be a dishwashing convict criminal and to disagree with that truth was to fight the universe.

I chose and continue to choose to fight the universe with my most powerful weapon, my imagination.

But how, how can we possibly fight against the universe with only imagination? How can we be good, loyal people by depending on unreliable imagination?

Do not betray your highest truth, and that is your imagination. Imagination believes in the impossible! Imagination loves that which is not logical! Imagination, and subsequently life, is not about mathematics but about the invisible intuition that does not have any quantifiable value.

Invent your destiny.

Know that your destiny is not simply bequeathed to you as if you are royalty; the days of corrupt kings and queens are over. Destiny requires imagination, and imagination requires work, faith, and most of all, luck. You have the power to place yourselves in situations that trigger your imagination and uplift your life.

It is not intelligence that will fulfill your desires. No, to transform your life, you need your own genius that comes from within yourself. To invent your destiny, you must appreciate your base knowledge and synthesize it with other knowledge or predictions, and create something new, unimagined by others.

The following concepts allow you to tap into your potential:

  • Fall in love with the moment.
  • Esteem the original.
  • Marvel the power of your own mind: spot issues, synthesize information, think critically, invent arguments, and imagine a new, better world.
  • Love to love, not only those who are close to you, but also the universe inside and around yourself.
  • Exercise and enjoy your physical temple.
  • Cherish both the positive and negative aspects of your own heart.
  • Predict a happy and loving future.
  • Trust in your imagination.

To a certain extent, you will ultimately have to accept the limited and unlimited potential of your imagination, and have faith in something completely stupid or totally genius. It is you who must confront the imagination to yourself. You have this gift. Now it is you who must reward this gift to yourself.

Deserve your destiny by inventing it yourself.

Always Action, Alma, Amor, and Imagination,

Benjamin Bac Sierra, M.A., J.D., USMC

If you would like to understand, question, and evolve these ideas, then come to City College of San Francisco’s Diego Rivera Theater this Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 1:00 p.m.

I look forward to our conversations and inventions.

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