Imagine if we used social media to uplift each other and promise beauty for our community. We are doing it! At this year’s San Fran Carnaval, for every promise that a person wrote down to help their community, I happily gifted them a copy Barrio Bushido. Allow these community members’ words to inspire and guide you. They came from all walk of life, all age groups, all races, creeds, and colors. This is our CARNAVAL CONSTITUTION!



  1. Help to inform other young mothers and invite them to young mothers’ parenting group.
  2. I’m a public school teacher in SFUSD, busting my butt every day to change kids’ lives.
  3. Stop the crime of S.F.
  4. Not accept the police abuse and continue supporting the fight and make others aware.
  5. Continue to empower the youth through sports, respect, and family.
  6. Stop gentrification.
  7. Build community.
  8. Play more music for everyone!
  9. To spread more love and positivity to people I meet.
  10. More parks for the kids.
  11. Get an education to inspire young Latinos as a role model.
  12. Always help my brothers in the hood. YSM 24 Xogic.
  13. Get more compassion and justice for our community. Calixto.
  14. Get out and get to know your community neighborhood and meet new friends.
  15. My sister and I work with the AIDS community in outreach.
  16. More belssings less building lower rents (though it won’t happen) old school to move back in (won’t happen) blessings to all who can still survive the cause, not for the people. Love to SF.
  17. Coach Jr. Giants, soccer, and basketball kids teams.
  18. Be part of the Frisco 500 movement to get Mayor Lee fired and make sure our communities get justice for all the SFPD murders.
  19. Introduce the automotive industry to the re-entry.
  20. Help out the homies in need.
  21. I help out the homeless.
  22. Participate in various actions and peacekeeping initiatives, regardless of differeing organizing ideologies.
  23. Volunteer with the Boys and Girls clubs. Will try to get youth into fitness and off of drugs.
  24. I’m going to take on the real estate corporate lobbyists that are controlling SF!
  25. I’m going to donate food to the homeless.
  26. I’m going to come volunteer with the youth in San Fran.
  27. We’re gonna stay fighting.
  28. Make peace between the people.
  29. Unite all minorities and we will succeed on deep changes in society.
  30. Work with the Mission Cultural Center to organize more events for the youth as well as Precita Eyes to get kids into art.
  31. I will continue to go on marches.
  32. I will volunteer at youth organizations.
  33. I will continue to campaign for justice.
  34. Keep teaching the little ones about the REAL!
  35. Help children develop their own voices. It’s our job to teach them our history, theirs to build our destiny.
  36. Continue helping being the voice for those who are underrepresented in our communities.
  37. I love where I live. I love my neighbors and family. I’m lucky to live close to them. I will continue to help provide health care to mi gente!
  38. Host event for racial justice.
  39. Fight for justice.
  40. Si se puede! Fight for justice!
  41. Don’t give up on your loved ones when they stray away. They can find their path back when there is hope and you don’t let go.
  42. La lucha para el salario digno.
  43. Making music with the fam to spread the word! The watershed!! Amor for Alex and all victims of police terror.
  44. Running for office in a few years to represent the community it has to be.
  45. Promote peace while DJing.
  46. I work with mental health, trauma children and families. Keep positive thinking and keep success coming to our younger generation.
  47. Starting up a boys and girls club in my community.
  48. I wish to spread my knowledge of art and healing to the next generation of kids in my community.
  49. Save lives through art.
  50. To continue to serve the children in the Mission community to go to college! Mission graduates!
  51. From local artist, arte 1810 always beautifying the Mission with our cultural representation in our murals.
  52. I’m going to look out for the lil homies. Help them get jobs, get off probation, graduate high school.
  53. I’m going to support our raza in the community by guiding my younger familia.
  54. I give body work to dancers who cannot afford it but need help.
  55. I will continue to spread the word about police impunity through hip-hop.
  56. Spirit love through art—always!
  57. I will continue as an African America woman prviding mental helath services to those who need it most, people of color.
  58. I will continue to educate our African American men about violence in the city of San Francisco.
  59. I’m involved with Native American and Latino communities restoring California Native American languages.
  60. As a Muslim woman living in the Mission, I feel that I am surrounded by many layers of culture, passion, and sense of “neighbor” from every single person I pass as I walk the sidewalks of this place. It makes me feel so whole 🙂 like I have a place where I belong.
  61. I want to spread culture throughout my community and keep art alive. Show support and solidarity with the Alex Nieto Coaltion.
  62. As a former member of the Mission who was born and raised and evicted, I will do everything in my power to advocate for low income families affected by gentrification and join SFWAR and help women who are victims of school violence.
  63. As a SF native I’ve grown up in a beautiful diverse city that fostered so many great cultures throughout its existence. As a musician involved with Loco Bloco and as an inspiring rapper, I plan on gearing my music toward the resistance against the corporate presence kicking people out.
  64. To keep it real I’m just a follower of this movement cause I’m following stories of police murder, following stories of displacement and gentrification and most importantly following leaders like Equipto, Benjamin Bac Sierra, and Edwin Lindo, and the many inspirational people (many SF natives and people of color). I’ve been inspired by the strength of the movement and I want to make sure you know you all have an ally in me. Hasta la Victoria siempre! Si se puede!
  65. I will support through my cultural center in Berkeley by offering free community space for film, panel, or any other gathering to bring justice awareness to the case.
  66. I will continue to do translating when I can and go to marches too!
  67. Educate my children on a current issue and movement and how they can help the Latino community themselves.
  68. To live in the present and use my education as a rock for positive change.
  69. Garden guerilla. Milkweed seed bombs for monarch butterflies.
  70. More outreach for homeless elderly in our neighborhood.
  71. Educate the community on matters that affect the community through politics, history, and community involvement by any means necessary.
  72. I would donate food and clothes to homeless.
  73. Help your parents and recycle.
  74. Raise and support my kids to better help our community and world.
  75. Love my neighbors.
  76. Help the community. Keep police accountable.
  77. Treat people the way you want to be treated.
  78. Help homeless people with food.
  79. Support peace in the community.
  80. Mentor a child in my neighborhood—Polk.
  81. Continue to work with the youth in SF and help guide them through their lives.
  82. Give back to the youth and those who work with youth.
  83. Give back to the family in needs and help all the foster care youth.
  84. Stop the violence. It’s not worth it. Love each other.
  85. Introducing community folks to each other to strengthen and build bridges for stronger bridges. Greg.
  86. Using art to bring attention to social issues.
  87. Educated Latinos citizens VOTE!
  88. Uninimos mas todo los Latinos para formar un solo pueblo.
  89. I will support a family by advocating for them in school—specifically I will donate 50 % of my time to an immigrant child needing special education services.
  90. I will be teaching and supporting to all the children at Decolonize Academy and everyone else we can in las calles en los barrios and making sure no one forgets the memory of Alex, Mario, Luis, Jessica, Amilcar. Power to the people. Amor y liberacion.
  91. I will continue to support the unhoused witnesses of the Jose Luis Gongora Pat killing and help to support the Luis Gongora Pat Coalition. Additionally I continue to evolve my performance work “Amor y Justicia” based on my experience at the Alex Nieto Trial and my ongoing work to fight for the true city of San Francisco—as a fourth generation pinay—born and raised in the City!
  92. I am going to continue to support my Latina daughter to pursue her goal as a RN to build up the percentage of Hispanics to make a difference in the world.
  93. I will continue to promote the Raza in a positive light to empower our people and keep the Raza strong.
  94. I will continue to be politically active in local government by keeping up with current events and actively voting.
  95. I will help my mom.
  96. I will fight for the rights of working people and families of SF.
  97. I will empower more Chicanas to be Ph.D’s.
  98. Organizing our people!!
  99. Helping to continue to move energy forward. Sabes.
  100. I will continue to be a “voice” for the voiceless and fight the good fight most people are afraid to fight. Continue to be an avenue of justice, love and peace. #Frisco5
  101. Will find shelter and peace for my homeless bros and sis’s.
  102. I commit my love and my energy to the next generation of Frisco babies. Our love for our people will always overpower the hate that comes from our enemies. Together anything is possible. I fight for the opportunity to dream and envision liberation collectively. Juana.
  103. I commit to finding the best way I can be an effective agent in social justice in the Bay Area and Nor Cal (general).
  104. I will continue to use my education, language, and skills to empower the Latino community. Mely.
  105. I want to donate my work and time at the Free Kitchen on Mission.
  106. I commit to sharing my learnings with my students. I teach at MacArthur Park near downtown L.A. in one of the poorest communities in the country.
  107. Continue to talk to people about what happened to Alex and about all kinds of social justice issues. I’ll read the book and pass it around to other friends.
  108. I will continue to support and volunteer on housing justice, even though I am going back to direct services to survivors. Much love and thank you.
  109. Continue to be on school board to help our student achieve and succeed.
  110. Give clothing and food to the less fortunate. Never waste until something is used to full capacity. Spread love.
  111. Teach and show that there is more to this hood than what we have been taught.
  112. My knowledge and experience is rooted in Hip Hop culture. I would like to keep giving back to my community through this culture with a social justice perspective. One love.
  113. From hip hop dances and knowledge of social justice, I want to continue inspiring the youth through Hip Hope dances to empower them to be young leaders to make positive change.
  114. I think the people of the United States should take a better look and understand more of their community as well to be a better person.
  115. Our people of indigenous descent need to work together to build our communities. Currently I am living in Chicago and I am living on the South Side and working with like minded people and building community gardens to feed our people and remove food deserts.
  116. As a urban campesino, I am committed to teaching the next generation to connect back to their ancestral roots through gardening. We used to be people connected to the food we eat, but through colonization, we lost that connection. As Urban campesinos, we want to heal our communities through holistic medicine and I hope to help change my community so that we may continue to thrive.
  117. Teach dem kidz!
  118. To reach out to young folks and take them and show, through my actions, that I care.
  119. Benjamin…one of my most prolific colegas. He is the greatest inspiration to the young homeboys. Much love. Ana.
  120. Practice and pass on conflict resolution skills to stop acting through retribution. For abolition.
  121. Make art for love.
  122. Empower the youth with knowledge not found in public schools for free and create a school for learning music from traditional to contemporary.
  123. Help the youth come together.
  124. Monitoring police violence and organizing families for resistance.
  125. To get rid of hatred and become as one!!!
  126. Being a positive role model no color lines peace on Earth.
  127. Eyes and heart open and with that love and that pain grow together with a community to create and sustain a movement in my place. Plus loving of the children.
  128. I promise to Listen to peoples stories- to understand how individuals and communities experience history. I want to preserve these histories and experiences for future generations.
  129. I promise to spend money at the long time veteran neighborhood businesses in my community.


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