“The Law Is a Lie”

The Law Is a Lie.

We must begin with and pluck out this rotten root, as consciousness of this Lie will always be fuel for the fight, the eternal answer to rebut arguments, and justification for action:

The Law Is a Lie.

As a Juris Doctor titleholder, as someone who is objectively educated with a well-rounded life experience, I can confidently claim that law is pure fiction. The truth underneath law is that it was and is created simply to protect private property. That’s it—the law is there to protect power that revolves around property and its owners—who are fictionalized as powerful people. They are not smarter, better, or more human than others, but the law is on their side.

Most accept the Lie of Law because they do not know any better. The propaganda machine, including the schools (sit down, why?, because I told you to sit down), has brainwashed them Law means something, perhaps coming from God, as they relate law to something like the Ten Commandments. People become afraid of the law, afraid of their own shadows, because they feel the brutal torture that threatens them every day of their existence, so they shut up and play along with the game, forgetting or never knowing that it is all based on Monopoly money.

Sometimes, however, the Lie is clear for everyone to see.

George Floyd was premeditatedly murdered over a “fake” twenty dollar paper bill that is not even as useful or valuable as toilet paper. His broad-daylight murder triggered all the other lies to the full light: the lie of color-blindness, the lie of equality, the lie of humanity, the lie of justice.

We, the roots, may be lots of things, but we are not stupid, and we cannot afford to live or die based on lies.

I can think of no reasonable counter-argument against the premise that Law is a Lie.

I stated the following at the end of the Alex Nieto trial in 2016, where all the lies and evidence were exposed, yet the mostly white jury still decided against Alex Nieto and for the police officers. It is even more relevant now in 2020:

We, the people, did not lose.

Education lost: your fairy tale books about the way intelligence works were proven to be a farce. We argued better than you, with stronger evidence and more compelling logic. Does the stupidity of the verdict answer to you why we refuse to value your schools and teachers and puppet administrators?

We, the people, did not lose.

Your justice system lost: your sham is simply a tool to make-believe everything is fair and just and that we should accept your verdict like good players in a fixed game, where the odds are totally stacked against us.

We, the people, did not lose.

Your morality lost: you, with your white smile and perfect teeth, you were proven to be cowards who could not stand up for the right principle, for a real human being who was unlawfully killed. You feared going back to your villas in Clayton and Danville and telling your friends and family that you voted for a brown person and not the white, clean-cut poster officers.

We, the people, did not lose.

Your United States of America Constitution lost. It lost. You lost. Your lie of equality and freedom lost.

And it is only your naked conscience now that remains, your own personal empty humanity, stripped of predilections, fantasies, and superior justifications. Now, standing there exposed in your own soul, how will you respond?

If you are offended, it is not my fault. You made up the rules.

If you are challenged, it is your chance to do right and spread the news. Fight your father, your uncle, your sister, your privileged community.

We, the people, did not lose, for we continue with the truth, PURA NETA: not forward, but upward, we march, we fly.


Benjamin Bac Sierra, M.A., J.D., USMC, SFM

Rest in Power, George Floyd.


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