San Fran Santa Cruise Lowriders Delivering Christmas Gifts to Families in Need, 2020 :)

Is there such a thing as too much lowrider love?


On Sunday, December 20, 2020, Santa Clause came in reindeers of gold, red, blue, metal-flaked lowrider Impalas, Monte Carlos, Cuttys, and Cadillacs with custom colorful murals and lots of love. Organized and led by many, including Roberto Hernandez, with the San Fran Mission Food Hub as headquarters, the Homeboy and Homegirl elves got all the Christmas presents ready for the beautiful familias and children in need.

Love and Christmas in the time of Corona means we were all masked-up and socially distanced, but close, so very close to each other’s big hearts. Many familias couldn’t make it to pick up their gifts, so approximately thirty lowriders hand-delivered gifts to hundreds of children all over the gritty City.  

To be Santa Clause in a lowrider—I mean, who thinks of this, who can imagine such cariño, tender love? LA MISION, SAN FRAN! Isn’t it every vato’s dream, to lowride through the City, singing to oldies and arguing about the best route for the Red Rudolf Monte Carlo sleigh to fly to all the heart hoods—La Mision, Bayview/Hunters Point, the TL Tenderloin—to gift presents plus extra 20 buck pops to the families and to the Homeless Homies around the way?

For me, for the Lowriders, the gift was to receive the blessing to give to others.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Always in All Ways All Amor 🙂

Ben Bac Sierra

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