Why Write? A Seven Lesson Seminar

This is a new curriculum, one that I use in my own classroom, and one that is for everyone:

Why Write? A Seven Lesson Seminar

Many of my students love this module, for it encourages them to write about their own voice. Because it is our first unit, students become excited to write, listen to, and share ideas. They have never been asked this most basic question of education, yet all their lives in school they have been forced and expected to write something substantive.

How can you write if you do not know why you write?

To accompany the text, I have created a video for each of the seven lessons.

Why Write? A Seven Lesson Seminar

Part One: Spider Symbols

Part Two: Power: Fact and Fiction

Part Three: Consciousness and Courage

Part Four: Imagination: Evolution, Revolution, and Roots

Part Five: Skills

Part Six: Style

Part Seven: Praxis

Writing has not been simply my job or my pastime; it is my life. Here I share some ideas regarding why you should become more conscious about why you write. I also muse about how writing has shaped the person I am and how writing transforms the world around us.

Read it, use it, refuse it, share it in any way you want 🙂 This series can be especially useful if you are an educator or simply care about sharpening up your own writing skills and consciousness.

Always in all ways all Amor.

Ben Bac Sierra

Click on the links for all the writing and videos in the series:

“Why Write? Spider Symbols (Part 1 of 7)

“Why Write? Power: Fact and Fiction (Part 2 of 7)”

“Why Write? Consciousness and Courage (Part 3 of 7)”

“Why Write? Imagination: Evolution, Revolution, and Roots (Part 4 of 7)”

“Why Write? Skills (Part 5 of 7)”

“Why Write? Style (Part 6 of 7)”

“Why Write? Praxis (Part 7 of 7)”