Why Write? A Seven Lesson Seminar

Always in all ways all amor to all of you 🙂

The following is a seven lesson seminar regarding the question–why write? Writing has not simply been my job or my pastime; it is my life. Here I share some ideas regarding why you should become more conscious about why you write, and I also muse about how writing has shaped the person I am, and how writing transforms the world around us.

Read it, use it, refuse it, share it in any way you want 🙂 This series can be especially useful if you are an educator or simply care about sharpening up your own writing skills and consciousness.

“Why Write? Spider Symbols (Part 1 of 7)”


“Why Write? Power: Fact and Fiction (Part 2 of 7)”


“Why Write? Consciousness and Courage (Part 3 of 7)”


“Why Write? Imagination: Evolution, Revolution, and Roots (Part 4 of 7)”


“Why Write? Skills (Part 5 of 7)”


“Why Write? Style (Part 6 of 7)”


“Why Write? Praxis (Part 7 of 7)”