Golden State APBT Puro Pit Bulls Conformation Show, Riverside, Cali!

Please enjoy the video and photos of real roots 🙂

Golden State APBT Puro Pit Bulls Conformation Show, Riverside, Cali on Saturday, December 3, 2022!

Below I share our journey to get there:

“Conditioning for Amor

For the past 29 years, I have loved the Pit Bull Dog. It gives all of everything it is. It helps and heals me, and we share life together. I let them be what they want to be, and they amaze me with their physical feats and spirit of all Amor in everything they do and in everything they are. Money means nothing compared to the spirit we share and the way they make me feel alive and connected to the earth and to spirit.

Things can be hard in life, but conditioning with Reddy, an American Pit Bull Terrier, everything becomes much better. I love to give him love for the love and spirit he gives to me. Many times with him, I get into a pure state of the sublime without actually understanding or caring that I am in the sublime. This connection actually makes everything in life better. You learn to deal with everything in a style and spirit of the absolute best—physically, mentally, spiritually.

You need gameness in this Vida Loca that you transform into Vida Amor. You feel history and reality. You move forward, and you also play the game. This keeps you like a child, an open human being who is physically fit, active, intelligent, and open to life. It is a beautiful gift to feel like this. To dedicate your life to this would not be a wasted life. It is living while you are alive.

With this sprit, you offer, share, and give to others.

Health and Conditioning is a specific key issue that opens the door for all of the above.

I treasure the spirit of gameness. It is their essence. I condition Reddy to release this spirit in everything he does. Gameness lives in spirit. It is up to both of you together to keep this spirit alive no matter what happens. My goal is to help develop shared spirit through all of it, but especially and specifically, through conditioning. The goal is to go beyond the present moment. I enjoy that he enjoys that we are enjoying life together. I push him for health and driving power, so he fulfills the potential of his athletic intelligence, energy, and endurance.

I am constantly developing power, strength, endurance, athleticism, drive, prey-drive, and natural attributes that show and teach spirit for both of us. I am with him during all these activities. I action with him, which pushes my own body and mind. I am not leading, so do not know what to think. I react and action according to what Reddy wants. This bonding blesses us.

Sometimes I am a coach, but more than that, I am a listener. I listen to my Loved One.

It is my turn to be game for them: APBT.

I will not ask of them anything I would not do myself if I could do what they do.

They tell me what to do, and I just do it.

It is not about the dog. It is not about you. This is what anyone can do with the spirit of gameness, which will never be lost because together, you hold the spirit of life-and-dead gameness in your heart.

Anyone can be blessed by this power of Amor.

Me and Reddy Ryder at Riverside 🙂

76 year old Canadian Hilda with her APBT!

Cholos and Pit Bulls 🙂

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