“Cup of Cocoa”

The best I can say about myself is that I am a sinner. This keeps me somewhat humble and allows me to search for mercy in the Lord, which always leads to Love—which is the message and gift of God. When I think too much of myself, I pretend I can do it alone, and I judge others, then get frustrated and hateful inside of myself with empty intelligence, which leads me to a cycle of hell.

When I admit I am a sinner and know my actions are much worse than anyone else’s, I feel mercy for others. I look in the mirror and turn my head away, for I know what my eyes see. 

This is honest, as honest as I can be. It hurts me and helps me, for in admitting my ugliness, I strip myself naked—which leaves me cold, searching for warmth and tenderness, the only cures and clothing for a naked sinner. 

Amor makes everything better, the best that it can be. 

It is like a hot cup of cocoa on a cold day.

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