Ben Davis, Ben Firme

I know times are tough. I know things are hard, but even in the midst of all that, I offer Amor. With lots of love, I announce that Benny has accepted admission to the University of California, Davis!

Ben Davis, Ben Firme 🙂 The ultimate cholo, Homes 🙂

Go Aggies!

In order to offer mas Amor, I now share with you part of Ben’s personal insight answers for the University of California:

In order to lead, I first had to learn how to serve. By witnessing leadership from my coaches, teachers, parents, and community mentors, I have learned to be a strong leader, especially for those oppressed.  

Throughout my life, I have been involved in competitive sports and intellectual activities, such as chess, wrestling, baseball, cross country, speech contests, and community movements, such as the Amor for Alex Movement, which became the biggest movement ever in the United States to defend a Latino killed by the police. All these things have helped me become a better leader. While taking part in these activities, I have always excelled academically. I have earned an A average in every grade level from grammar through high school. Currently, I hold an overall 4.0 GPA. Being Latino-Indigenous of slight build, I lead in order to smash stereotypes.  

On the High School wrestling team, I have used my skills to help my teammates improve throughout the seasons. Having wrestled since I was five, our coach uses me as an example on the mat. My teammates count on me to show them advanced moves and positive spirit. During intense matches, I remain calm. Even if I lose a match, I learn. This respect for competition gives me respect for my coach and teammates. In 2020, I was awarded my high school’s Most Valuable Wrestler Award. I felt accomplished.

Then COVID hit, the most deadly period in U.S. history. Being quarantined for over a year, I had to learn about myself. Competition had helped me be better prepared and organized for classes. Many times teachers on ZOOM would critically question me because they knew I always gave thoughtful answers.

COVID broke up the team, but now we’re back. As a senior, I want to leave a positive legacy. I am dedicating my weekends and vacation periods to support my teammates. I believe in being a selfless leader, not a dictator. I lead by example and treat others as equal human beings. We all have something to offer. I just give the best of who I am.

Who is that cholo wearing the Ben Davis shirt?

Artwork by Sergio Rangel, Solid Brother

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