Cinco de Mayo Amor: Dedicated to My Brother from Zacatecas

On this Cinco de Mayo, I fight with lots of love. With this pen, I pray to offer and share all Amor.

To be a fighter, you must get your ass kicked. No one is undefeated in this fight of life.

Last year, from UCSF Hospital, I picked up our good Brother Maca Macaroni Tony Lowride in the 72 Monte Carlo Pura Neta Redrum Vida Loca All Amor Ranfla! Within 15 minutes, we were cruising through La Mision for the Cinco de Mayo Lowrider Cruise.

Love Never Stops.

Marco had just suffered through 40 days of the fullest force chemotherapy, fighting fevers and uncontrollable shivers, grappling with infections, and maddogging death in its face. He made it, and we continued riding like Brothers.

But every time you fight, it takes something from you. This past year, he has been back living in the hospital a dozen times. At certain points, he has not even had the energy to fight. It was his spirit that had to do any fighting and find any peace.

Last week, he came back from a ten day stay at the hospital. We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know this: Now is the time to live and love life and each other.

Today is Cinco de Mayo!

Latest pic, just released from hospital after ten day stay, April 2022
Back in March, after Marco and I took them cruising and shared all amor, perfect strangers tattooed the 72 Monte Carlo on their bodies! To read more about this adventure, click here:

Our brother bulldogging at the 1:20 mark. The APBT Reddy Listo gives lots of love.

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