Same Song

What is this journey?

Amor y mas Amor.

There is always only one answer that is always right. Even in difficulties, I must remember it is all Amor—Love—only this is the truth and that which is noble and righteous, not in my own eyes or will, but in the will of that which is beyond what I understand, but that I know is goodness and is what all humans need and want in their hearts.

Inside of me there is a heart that beats and that I love, and I do my best to give to it, to offer and share Amor with it so that it beats with love. Then this frontline physical manifestation, this heartbeat, can be offered and shared with the rest of who I am that then jumps out of this body to other bodies that also have the Light within them. It is the only universal thing.

Everything else is a lie if love is not at its root.

Logic is a fantasy of vanity that does not fulfill me; therefore, it is not the Truth.

Amor is the only message that all of us understand more than any other message in the world.

So this journey is not even one step. It is Now. Amor is right now. It is in-between the step, in the nothingness and beauty of eternity, which is right now—no matter what happens on the journey. Wherever love leads you, there you are. As long as there is Love, it is the best it can be.

“Same Song”

I want to

Wake the dogs!

I sing for
The will
Which is within
All of us


It is like the
That crashes
Always singing
The same song


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