“The Logic of Love”

This world is an insane asylum called reality where they feed us poison, and then force upon us poison as the medical solution that has no solution because, in fact, there are no problems, but it is a blasphemy and ignorance to even mention this absurd identification of a system that simply cannot accept and refuses destruction of itself by a mere identification of what it actually is. This identification does not offer solace. It confuses and embitters us even more, especially considering there is no escape or solution inside the human mind, which is a trap of vanity.

Only Amor offers salvation because it moves away from mind into something more real, more holy—Spirit.

God exists in the pain and suffering of the world because even there, there is Amor—an opportunity for Amor that overcomes evil, even if for just a moment, which is the same as eternal life, for it is Spirit. It is not a challenge or a test; the evil exists as a manifestation of the vain human mind, for if we simply implemented Amor, the Spirit of God, in everything, there would be no evil.

But humans refuse to acknowledge this because it humiliates their will and mind. We do not want to admit our own pettiness, so we blame God for our sins, yet even in our blasphemy, God gives mercy through the infinite power of Amor Eterno, which is always possible at every single moment, even right now.

2 thoughts on ““The Logic of Love”

  1. This is very deep as usual but my mind has to ponder on it more. Benjamin you are a daunting thinker. Thanks for sharing.💕

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