San Francisco Examiner Article: “Benjamin Bac Sierra: From San Pancho with Amor”

“If it doesn’t involve love, I’m not interested.”


A few weeks ago San Francisco Examiner journalist Denise Sullivan called me for an interview, and we chopped it up like two long-lost Loved Ones. Here is the product: “Benjamin Bac Sierra: From San Pancho with Amor”:

“His second and latest book, ‘Pura Neta,’ tells the story of Cartoon, “a Homeboy” who’s spent some time away only to return to his barrio remade: It’s dotted with “microbreweries and cheese schools” and needless to say, bad things ensue. But there is beauty at every corner and when the neighborhood’s original inhabitants reclaim their streets, this part-fable, part- fiction, part-poem becomes a magically real vision of post-gentrification and post-pandemic life.”

Click the link directly below for the San Francisco Examiner Article: Benjamin Bac Sierra: From San Pancho with Amor:

I thank Denise for this beautiful article. I’ve never read a story like this, and I am humbled and honored to serve in many different manners, as a loco, an educator, a lowrider, a movement shaker, and a writer, always writing. I have tried in my own way to be true to roots:

In All Ways
All Amor

If you have not yet ordered my latest published novel, Pura Neta, check out Pochino Press here to get your copy: . If you would like a personally autographed copy, just send me a message, and I will ship one to you. If you are having a hard time with funds, no worries, send me a kite, and I will ship one off to you on the strength.

San Francisco Examiner feature article, Sunday, March 14, 2021
Photo by Kevin Hume, San Francisco Examiner

Now to share a lil lovely vida loca:

This past Friday for the photo shoot for the above article, SF Examiner photographer Kevin Hume and I had a blast taking some shots at Mission Dolores. Later that day we saw each other again at City Hall for a City College of San Francisco rally protesting class cuts and faculty layoffs. I went to offer, share, and spread amor. American Federation of Teachers 2121 Union had created an art exhibit, so spur-of-the-moment I volunteered to drive our ripe red San Fran Frisco Monte Carlo onto the park and make it part of the art exhibit. Read the article and check out Kevin’s CCSF rally shots:

By the end of the event, AFT 2121 Union President Malaika Finkelstein asked me on the spot to close the event with some good words and energy. You gotta be ready at all times. The video below was shot by Deidre White:

Once the event was over, we exchanged camaraderie and amor, just like I suggested in the video. I saw an elderly Loved One, a stranger, and she seemed like she needed and wanted a ride, so I volunteered to cruise her through the City. We sang along to Jose Feliciano, Tower of Power, and Patsy Cline 🙂

No matter what is happening, what has happened, what I have gone through, the oppression that exists, my justice and revenge is Love, the greatest force in the universe.

Video by Deidre White
CCSF Rally: Stand Up, Fight Back, March 2021

Me and Mama
Ben at the Mission Bell, Mission Dolores Park

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