Amoranalysis is literary deconstruction for the purpose of interpreting and emanating Amor.

We do not know what life is or where or when it begins or ends, nor do we know what death is or where or when it begins or ends.

We have no idea of time.

All we know are moments upon moments, and we do not even know that. We fantasize about words and meaning, while it is all vanishing in front of us.



I don’t understand those things, and, ultimately, I don’t care about those things.

I know Now, even though I don’t know Now. I am here, and the best of all of this right Now is in Amor.

A state of being, a miracle, that puts you in the moment forever, which is only the specific moment.

It doesn’t matter where you are or when anything began or ended.

If you want to call it eternal life, go ahead, but I think Amor is enough.

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