Destroying Disaster Capitalism

International Educator Paolo Freire’s Praxis: reflection plus action equals transformation.

Pretend Praxis: The praxis of the past educational system was that you were supposed to get an education so you could get a job. The following was the system’s praxis thesis: reflect on capitalism because the propaganda for it is everywhere, action to buy things you do not need, and that will transform everything into evolution, which is perfection through intelligence and commerce.

The problem is that was always a lie, and now, because of COVID-19 and the collapse of everything, everyone is figuring out that education, economics, and capitalism were all lies. The system lied or did not know what it was talking about, or worse, it actually believed that jobs were proof of evolution. The system actually believed it had the power to teach the truth of money. But the root truth is that it is all monopoly money.

Education was ideally supposed to prepare you to work in an ideal office on the 42nd floor with a spectacular view of the Bay. No, no more. Now and in the future you are supposed to work in a CLOUD! Nowhere, nothing, inside the bullshit of a screen.

The system does not know what to do or how to be honest about this situation, so the solution is austerity. Eliminate the students. Fire the educators. Attack City College of San Francisco, the grassroots hope for all, the one place anyone can come to get their learn on. The system cannot admit it does not know what it is doing. It teaches you one thing about the value of education, that we still preach to the compulsory K-12 students, that the truth shall set you free, but the adult reality of the corrupt constructed “truth” literally imprisons you in the worst hell: the school to prison pipeline. Instead of accepting the hell it has created, the system must attack a patsy—education itself: City College. Cut classes, the most important ones that teach you to be more human, such as Poetry for the People, literature, ethnic studies, dance, y muchos mas.

Unless we stop this attack on education, the system will reformulate education so that it teaches students to sacrifice their lives to the CLOUD, the same way the Prussians taught students to sacrifice their lives to war, the same way Horace Mann taught American students to sacrifice their lives to the factory. Disaster capitalism is right here, right now: the system will try to convince smart stupid teachers and students who are acting out of fear that they should accept the new technological genius insanity. They are supposed to set the example for the new sheep.

They are going to try to convince you the praxis of the future is Nothing.

They got Freire’s formula all twisted. Freire’s formula requires that you first reflect deeply and sincerely. Then you must action because your conscience demands it, your humanity bleeds for it. To action requires courage and destroys disaster capitalism:

The ultimate transformation and Praxis is Amor.

With lots of love, it is time to stand up, fight back, and destroy disaster capitalism.

City College of San Francisco faculty on Strike, 2016
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