12 Years of Gut-Wrenching Wrestling

Dedicated to Uncle Macaroni Tony Lowride:

Disclaimer: Proud Papa 🙂

For his team, Ben was the first wrestler in over thirty years to make it to wrestle on day two of the North Coast Wrestling Championship Tournament. He fought his heart out in every match.

He has now completed 12 years of gut-wrenching wrestling as a 4.0 student in every single grade. He battled in hundreds of matches, many times winning, sometimes losing, but always fighting hard. He will take this spirit everywhere he goes.

Witnessing him do what I never did, I learned that if you really want to know the root of who you are, you must literally throw yourself into the moment. Then you will not only know what you know, but you will also feel all of everything that this is: life, vida loca, amor.

Congratulations, Benny!

To view one of his matches, click the link:

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