Poem: Beanjamin


I always wanted to have a cool cholo name, a tuff placaso like—Toro, Lobo, or Santo—but my destiny was to be Benjamin like the son of the right hand or like Benjamin Franklin.

This eventually became Ben and Benny like a Bean.

I cannot really name who I am or what this is.

I discover myself and lose myself.

It is a tale full of fury.

I used to have a will to understand because that is what they taught me I should want, but they knew me even less than I knew myself.

There is someone else in between this atmosphere, and it does not matter who he is either.

He is a simple shadow, not even a Bean.

I do not care to understand.

I am never alone because I always witness myself.

I know my story, like your story, so if I could name myself, I would bow my head and pray

Let my name be Love.

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