Cinco de Mayo Morning at Lake Merced

Absorbing nature, working out, and writing:

It does not matter what anyone else thinks. Other people’s minds belong to their minds. The only thing you can know is yourself, and you cannot even know that; therefore, do not waste your life by worrying about others’ ideas. You cannot know them anyway!

Know what you know, and action it out with amor into the world. If love does not come from the power within you, what good are any other ideas? To be afraid? To be bitter?

Not only would you waste your life, you would also have to be an idiot and a coward to be afraid inside of yourself.

Courage: Love what you do no matter the outcome.

Cinco de Mayo! Felicidades, Poder, y Puro Amor! Benjamin Bac Sierra. Lake Merced
Magic Mesa
Cruise La San Fran Mision and jam to War’s Cinco de Mayo in 2021 with the Brothers Benny and Marco Lowride in the infamous Pura Neta Redrum 72 Monte Carlo!

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