When City College Is Under Attack…

When City College is under attack, what do we do?

When education is under attack, what do we do?

Stand up, fight back!

Today, after a harsh struggle that tried to rip us apart, we have reached a tentative agreement with CCSF Administration.

Union is amor 🙂

From American Federation of Teachers Local 2121:

Early this morning, after two days of 12-hour plus sessions, we finally reached a tentative agreement with the district. Your bargaining team worked incredibly hard to accomplish what we as a union set out collectively as our number one priority: to save jobs and classes.

We’ve reached an agreement that does that. The administration has agreed to rescind all 163 pink slips issued to full-time faculty and to preserve part-time jobs as well… This is far from a perfect agreement–it’s a painful one, but it’s also far better than what we were facing just days ago. This is a short-term solution that protects jobs and courses while giving us the space we need to continue advocating for a long-term budget solution to our college.

Decorating our own CCSF Pura Neta Lowrider 🙂
Lowrider Leading the Way for Education
Marching through the Streets for City College of San Francisco

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