I look up at the blue sunny sky and accept the weather as it is.

I cannot accept myself as I am because I am unlike the weather. The weather does not have to be accepted by itself in order to exist. I, on the other hand, make-believe such stupidity and ugliness, even about an insane idea such as death.

I can never accept myself in death because I pretend everything is poison propaganda, so, in fact, by thinking about myself and death, I have already lost life and am dead while alive.

To be alive, to truly be alive, is to be alive in the moment. This is not a cliché. Existence exists only inside of the moment. Inside of that moment, there is the best of the best that needs no more than what it is: Amor.

I accept I am a petty person. In order to move forward, I must break my own heart.

If you left it up to me and my awful will, I would make everyone else’s will just as corrupt as mine, for I know nothing else except my own selfishness.

No, free-will is no solution.

I do not need to get better or to find any future formula.

The solution is already here: if we positively know that Amor is the best moment in existence on this planet Earth, then why don’t we just create all moments, no matter what, to be moments of Amor?

“It is too difficult.”

No, it is not.

It is actually very simple:

With lots of love, always in all ways all Amor Eterno.

This is not my will, but the will of God, that is found in the message and gift of Amor.

I look up at the blue sunny sky and accept Amor the way it is.  

On Friday, July 22, I will humbly present this spirit at The San Francisco Writer’s Conference “Writing for Change 2022”. To find out more information and to attend this event, please click the link:

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