Writing Routine

I used to like to imagine myself in the book, then I became the book. I learned to live with barking dogs. On the pages, I played hide-and-seek, but the dogs would bark and give me away, so I would always get caught.

The way you are and action will tell you what happens at the end of the story. I could have been a miracle worker, but instead I was very vain and stupid. I could not help that would always be the future, even though it does not exist, but if it did, it would be now.

Right Now.

Quick! Get me a pen and paper:

It does not take one person or one billion persons. All it takes is Amor.


The more truth
I discover
The more vain
I become
The more
I believe
Nothing can save me
Which in some
Strange way
Makes me proud

After some good truth,
I smoke a cigar and celebrate
I party like in a
Three Stooges’ skit–
Pies flying and
Smashing everyone’s
Smug faces

Truth gets lonely

Only Amor can save me from
My mind

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