My Argument for Positive Thinking

Negative thinking can be powerful; it can give one a powerful high and feel intensely rich, but ultimately, it is destructive, not only of objects, but destructive of self. One becomes addicted to hate, and in that atmosphere it is difficult to smile. The best argument I can give in favor of negative thinking is that it can make a person tough and resilient and destructive driven. In war, this can be useful.

Although there are many flaws to the philosophy of positive thinking, it is a way of life that more fully leads to happiness. Through positive thinking it is much easier to be optimistic. It is hard to be sad or angry or bitter if one sees positive beauty even in hell. It is much easier to laugh when one has a purpose. Goals are the ultimate representation of will and they transform life into a fun labyrinth. One ignores the danger or the anger or the destruction when one desires something so strongly. Death does not matter when someone is fixated on the man-made heaven that one has convinced oneself that exists.

I have convinced myself that certain things matter and that I am bound to accomplish them for the sake of my honor and in order to prove love. In full consciousness, I have considered and debated about these goals, and with all of my faith, I believe that I will triumph. Although difficulties and dangers will attack me, I have a duty to act courageously in order to accomplish my purpose. Even though it is not necessarily my goal to be happy, by doing this all I will feel fulfilled and embrace my destiny.

The dog is happy as long as it chases its tail, even though it is simply running around in circles!

Here is an article of me running around: City Currents pages 16-17

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