Primitive Perception

My Friends, Reconnecting with nature: a poem on the power of tree. Who is the primitive one 🙂 Enjoy!


Tree, you bless me with your stupidity.

Don’t you know you are designed to desire more?

To fly like crows that caw on your arms

To scatter like squirrels that climb your perch

To walk like man who steals your shade.

Tree, you are so stupid to not want more

To not choose evolution or ease.

You do not have answers nor do you care

Yet your roots contain mystery

Your branches veins of life

Your leaves live and die

As you live and will die

And you grasp that destiny

Yet you are too stupid to care.

Oh tree, what security you hold

Such silent stupidity.

One thought on “Primitive Perception

  1. There are trees that are 4,000 years old. They don’t need to do anything but exist and be a silent testimony of history, of life. They are their own wisdom.

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