Enjoy the photos and community creativity 🙂


This past Carnaval weekend the community gifted us another $1,118.00 for “The International Amor for Alex Nieto Memorial!” Special thanks to Roberto Hernandez for donating the booth to us and to Josue Rojas and Ivan Gomez for the great poster and t-shirt images that people loved! Besides taking dozens of pictures of gente supporting and donating, we passed out hundreds of fliers and created important community connections, including a cement company CEO that offered to donate his services for any cement work needed for the memorial. By the end of this summer, we plan to have enough funds to break ground and begin construction of this international quality memorial on top of Bernal Heights, which will be viewable in all its colorful glory from the San Fran Mission 🙂

Once the memorial is established, community members will hike up to that mountain and pray like Alex did and look out over the beautiful view of San Francisco and be inspired by our community resilience. Students will travel up to that hill for field trips and to learn about the history and creativity of our community; they will write thousands of educational essays. Families will pilgrimage hands together and love each other at the place where Alex breathed his last breath. This will be a place of peace, of inspiration and amor.

Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and community rose to defend honor and promote positive spirit.


Amor for Alex Nieto: March 4, 1986 to March 21, 2014.


You, too, can donate for the Alex Nieto Memorial at the gofundme account here:

Finally, check out how we are using social media to uplift each other and promise beauty for our community. For every promise that a person wrote down to help their community, I happily gifted them a copy Barrio Bushido (special thanks to El Leon Literary Arts and Tom Farber for donating the books). Allow these community members’ words to inspire and guide you. They came from all walks of life, all age groups, all races, creeds, and colors.




  1. I will help elderly neighbors.
  2. I will stand against any injustice done to my neighbors and community.
  3. Make sure to do at least one positive thing for someone else every day.
  4. I will not bill for posters.
  5. I will fight for justice for James Nate Greer.
  6. Stay loyal to my soul and continue to fight for equality and justice.
  7. I will fight and do my part to keep community centers alive for the children in our communities and for us.
  8. I will always advocate and fight for nuestros derechos.
  9. Alex, we love and miss you; gone too soon. A true loving Misionero. I’m proud to call you a brother in the Latino community.
  10. Oscar Hererra: la lucha sigue. What happened to Alex Nieto is an injustice. Together we create love and will look for justice.
  11. Keep the neighborhood alive.
  12. I want my barrio back!
  13. Isable Guttierez: Quieremos un monument para Alex! Vamos a pelear!
  14. Olman Acosta: be there for the people that need help.
  15. Taliva Tello: I’ll keep my culture alive and always support and protect and fight for my people.
  16. Jonathon Rosa: teach my students about racial profiling and the need to abolish the police.
  17. Wendy Delgado: Alex Nieto, mi meta es ayudar a nuestra comunidiad.
  18. I promise to protect my culture and influence love. We are all God’s children.
  19. Sophia Guerra: I promise to fight for working class communities through art, direct action, and know your rights.
  20. Bring awareness to our youth on our streets of the violence that is increasing.
  21. Every chance I get to provide a job opportunity to anyone that needs it by referring them to programs and trades.
  22. Help out in any way with our people by bringing positive vibes and showing our next generation the way.
  23. Project love to the people every day.
  24. The Ambassadors Circle would like to promote this powerful story on our podcast 360 Bay Area.
  25. Lowrider Council organization for Carnaval parade.
  26. Always stand up for your rights no matter what or who you are!
  27. I’m gonna help spread the word about the case try and open eyes to what’s really going on out here.
  28. Waste management education.
  29. I will be a strong role model for younger generation in my community and show them that they are worthy of self love.
  30. I will empower those around me to persevere and provide what resources I can.
  31. Encourage and educate youth to get involved in social injustice events around the Bay Area.
  32. Total healthcare and education.
  33. Take care and watch out for my brothers.
  34. Reach out to the youngsters. Keep pushing positive vibes and outreach.
  35. Resist and keep helping the community.
  36. When I am a teacher, I will make sure all my students eat, as for now, I will do my best to ensure the children I know and children in my community eat.
  37. Help mentor troubled youth.
  38. Don’t for tomorrow since tomorrow brings its own worries.
  39. Open up my barber shop to the young kids of the Mission.
  40. I will make a film to show the story of Alex Nieto and the importance of the Chicano community in the Mission and share it with the world to support us and justice for Alex and our community. Viva Alex! Viva la gente Chicano!
  41. I commit to educate women to respect themselves and demand it from others. I will encourage men to see the king in themselves and to strive for excellence.
  42. I will/am going to volunteer at Cesar Chavez Elementary School next semester.
  43. I will fight for young Brown and Black people every chance I can. God bless you, Alex. We love your mom and father. You will forever be in our hearts. Sherri Arnold.
  44. Going away to college to become a surgeon, so I can come back to the Mission to offer my services to my community and city.
  45. Apoyamos la lucha por la justicia en todos momentos!
  46. Si Se Puede!
  47. United we stand, divided we fall. What say you?
  48. Pass out roses to brighten women’s day.
  49. Get out the positive word that our immigrant communities Black and Brown brothers and sisters are here to stay and should be treated with dignity and respect.
  50. Amor primero antes de todo. Protejar a nuestros jovenes. Trump got to go.
  51. Look out for younger homies on the block. Teach them right from wrong.
  52. Teach the young kids the right things.
  53. Donate to the memorial.
  54. Promote self love for all the young people of San Francisco who struggle to survive.
  55. Continuing to show up and volunteer with the youth and contribute in any way that I can. Also continuing to educate my fellow white folks to do better.
  56. Self love community love. We need to keep the Mission Spanish speaking.
  57. Teach my students about our community members being killed by the police.
  58. Teach my daughter and my students about police brutality, resistance, and people’s histories—and stop and watch and record encounters between police and the community.
  59. Isabel: all children are the community’s children and they should feel loved and protected by the city/state. RIP Alex—not forgotten.
  60. Finishing my Master’s degree and joining the social work profession to help fight inequality.
  61. Rise, empower, resist. Push through social gentrification and oppression in order to persevere into an actual community.
  62. Continue to math and engineering course to get more folks into STEM careers.
  63. I promise to sponsor kids at Mission Science to study hard and explore the universe.
  64. I will participate and support any and everything needed for the community of SFM where I was born and raised. I volunteer.
  65. I will continue to promote creative self expression through hip hop and poetry and share with the youth what I know and my experiences. Peace.


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