Amor for Alex Actions: A Comprehensive Listing

Alex_Nieto_plaque_designJRAmor for Alex Actions:

Everything I know about the way the world works I learned from Amor for Alex Nieto.

On this, March 21, 2020, the sixth year angelversary of his death, in honor and remembrance of the brother Alex Nieto, I present to you a comprehensive listing of Amor for Alex Nieto actions. This is impossible history. No doubt. Please note that this was not possible without all amor, all of your amor. Please, as you are quarantined, study the entire list and click the links for proof of our power.

I will sharpen up this posting, which will eventually become its own page (and probably a website), and will add names, dates, images, and more links. I wanted to get this out to you today, March 21, so it is what it is—in honor of the loved one. If I have missed a major action, I apologize and ask that you please send me the date and any relevant links of the Amor for Alex Nieto event. Thank you.

Always Amor for Alex Nieto.

Ben Bac Sierra

Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and grassroots community arose as a movement to promote the positive spirit and defend the honor of a beloved young man, Alex Nieto, who was killed by the police.




  • March 21: At 7:18 p.m. on Bernal Heights, San Francisco, Alex Nieto Killed by SFPD. Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and grassroots community arose as a movement to promote the positive spirit and defend the honor of a beloved young man, Alex Nieto, who was killed by the police.
  • March 24: Vigil, community mobilizes.
  • March 25: Community Townhall at Leonard Flynn Elementary School, Hundreds attend, SFPD Chief Suhr tells false narrative of Alex Nieto’s death. Nina Parks records:
  • March 29: First March from Mission Cultural Center to Bernal Heights, thousands attend, hundreds of police in riot gear attempt to intimidate the community.
  • April 1: Alex Nieto funeral. Community members literally pick up shovels and bury Alex Nieto at Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma.
  • April 2: Jesus Barraza creates first Alex Nieto Art Image: I am Alex Nieto and My Life Matters.
  • April 3: Amor for Alex Nieto Movement shuts down SF Police Commission Meeting.
  • April 4: El Toro Nightclub Benefit for Alex Nieto.
  • April 7: KPFA Interview between Davey D. Cook and Benjamin Bac Sierra: Amor for Alex Nieto created to battle mainstream media.
  • April 8: KPFA’s “La Raza Chronicles.”
  • April 12: Amor for Alex Nieto Movement speaks at San Francisco Mission Cesar Chavez Parade.
  • April 15: San Francisco Examiner runs front page coverage of Alex Nieto movement on front steps of City Hall demanding investigation.
  • April 21: First “Burritos on Bernal Heights” community meeting to honor Alex Nieto. This will be held every month on the 21st for four years.
  • May 4: Cinco de Mayo John O’Connell High School lowriders honor Alex Nieto.
  • May 5: Amor for Alex Nieto Movement petitions (with thousands of signatures) D.A. Gascon to investigate criminal charges against officers who killed Alex Nieto.
  • May 21: Burritos on Bernal Heights.
  • May 24 and 25: Carnaval: Amor for Alex Barrio Bushido Booth and March and Lowrider cruise through parade with images of Alex Nieto.
  • June 21: Burritos on Bernal Heights Community Meeting.
  • June 23: National Public Radio contacts Amor for Alex Nieto to cover Alex Nieto movement on Latino USA.
  • July 19: Brava Theater show “Love Balm for My Spirit Child” donates all proceeds to Amor for Alex Nieto Movement.
  • July 21: Burritos on Bernal Heights Community Meeting.
  • July 22: Amor for Alex Nieto responds to vandals destroying community memorial in honor of Alex Nieto.
  • August 9: The East Side Story and Chicano Soul Show at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts on Mission Street between 24th and 25th Streets: lowrider cars, photos, paintings, and more. The Amor for Alex Nieto Committee distributed literature for the August 22nd Alex Nieto Rises! March and offered an embrace con mucho carino to all of the community.
  • August 11: Amor for Alex Nieto Movement disseminates literature on the streets for the Alex Nieto Rises March.
  • August 15: KPFA “La Onda Bajita” Radio interview.
  • August 17: San Francisco Chronicle publishes “Death only a part of family’s suffering” By Caille Millner.
  • August 19: The American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 endorses the Alex Nieto Rises! March.
  • August 22: Alex Nieto Rises! March from Bernal Heights to SF Federal Building to submit federal civil action against San Francisco for the wrongful death of Alex Nieto.
  • September 8: Amor for Alex Nieto speaks to Mission Graduates College Program.
  • September 13: Amor for Alex Nieto responds to SF Medical Examiner Report.
  • October 12: National Public Radio Publishes “The Shooting of Alex Nieto” By MARYAM JAMEEL.
  • October 22: National Day Against Police Violence, MECHA invited Amor for Alex Nieto to speak against arming CCSF Police.
  • November 3: In San Francisco Mission, “Dia de Los Muertos” procession led by Amor for Alex Nieto.
  • November 14: Amor for Alex Nieto distributes literature and speaks at the Keith Haring Political Line Art Party at the De Young Museum, San Francisco.
  • November 21: Burritos on Bernal Heights Community Meeting.
  • December 6: Universal Zulu Nation invites Amor for Alex Nieto to speak at “Meeting of the Minds” at Mission Cultural Center.
  • December 13: Millions March: More than ten thousand people gather to protest police killings of Brown and Black people and march through downtown San Francisco and stage a mass “Die-In” on the streets. End march at City Hall, where Amor for Alex Nieto speaks.
  • December 22: Amor for Alex Nieto Posada March and Celebration from 24th and Mission to Bernal Heights.


  • January 2: Officers names released to public. Amor for Alex Nieto responds on news.
  • January 5: Amor for Alex responds to officers’ names being released. Press conference statement.
  • January 7: Poor People’s Radio interview about gentrification and its role in the killing of Alex Nieto.
  • January 17: Filming of “Amor for Alex” on Bernal Heights by Rafael Flores and Ephraim Walker.
  • January 25: Lowrider flyering for Amor for Alex. Over 200 lowriders attend. San Fran.
  • February 13: Community responds at 850 Bryant Hall of Justice to SF District Attorney not filing charges against police who killed Alex Nieto.
  • March 5: Amor for Alex presentation at De Anza College, Cupertino, CA.
  • March 21: 1st Anniversary of Alex Nieto’s killing. Procession from Bernal Heights to Mission Cultural Center for premiere of sold out film “Amor for Alex.” Hundreds of lowriders from all over Northern California attend. Thousands fill the Mission streets. AJ+ International News and many other media attend. The film ultimately wins the following awards: Silver Award – 2016 International Independent Film Awards
    Award of Recognition for Social Justice Cinema – 2016 Indie Film Fest Awards
    Headliner – 2016 Tribe City Film Festival. San Francisco, CA
    Official Selection – 2016 Chicano International Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA)
    Official Selection – 2015 Indie Night Film Festival. Chinese Theater, Hollywood, CA
    Official Selection – 2015 Matatu Film Film Festival. Oakland, CA
    Exhibition – 2015 Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. San Francisco, CA
    Exhibition – 2016 Google Black History Month Cinema Showcase.
  • Amor for Alex film:
  • Amor for Alex film premiere at Mission Cultural Center:
  • March 26: Voices Facing Police Violence Poetry Reading at City College of San Francisco.
  • April 14: National Day Against Police Violence. High school students walk out and hundreds shut down SF City Hall to shouts of “Alex Nieto Lives!”
  • May 2: University of California, Berkeley presentation. UCSF medical students and Cal Hermanos Unidos
  • May 3: Amor for Alex booth at Cinco de Mayo at John O’Connell High School, SFM.
  • May 14: State of Emergency Poetry at Galeria de la Raza, SFM.
  • May 23 and 24: 5th Annual Barrio Bushido/Amor for Alex Community Booth at Carnaval. Thousands visit and pick up flyers, learn about Amor for Alex Nieto, purchase t-shirts, posters, and post promises to uplift community.
  • June 11: HOMEY SF invites Amor for Alex presentation at their 15th year anniversary.
  • June 18: Amor for Alex keynote presentation at Alameda County Office of Education High School Graduation Commencement.
  • June 22: Amor for Alex celebrates Father’s Day at Bernal Heights.
  • July 3: Filming of Favi Estrella’s “Cruising with You” at La Raza Park, SFM. Hundreds attend. Song and video dedicated to Alex Nieto.
  • July 11: Community celebration of the purchase and placement of Alex Nieto’s headstone at his grave. Colma.
  • July 25: Amor for Alex represents at First African Methodist Church, Oakland, CA.
  • August 12: Loco Bloco Youth perform a docu-theater presenting the impact that Alex Nieto’s murder by SFPD has had on youth of color in San Francisco.
  • August 23: Janelle Monae and Jidenna perform on 24th Street, SFM. Amor for Alex Nieto hosts. and
  • September 13: Amor for Alex at Freedom Festival, SF Golden Gate Park.
  • September 28: Amor for Alex supports Amilcar Perez Lopez at 850 Bryant Hall of Justice, SF.
  • October 10: Amor for Alex at Chata Gutierrez Mural Celebration, SFM.
  • October: Lowrider Lawyers: Putting a City on Trial script written and developed to tell true story of Alex Nieto’s killing and to battle mainstream media propaganda.
  • November 1: Some scenes for Lowrider Lawyers shot in SFM.
  • November 2: Dia de los Muertos Procession with Amor for Alex, SFM.
  • November 9: Summary Judgment Motion to dismiss case denied. Amor and Victory Rally at Federal Courts building. Under sworn testimony neutral witness swears Alex Nieto never pointed a taser.
  • November 21: Filming of Lowrider Lawyers at location in Hayward, CA. All actors, actresses, equipment, filming, directing, writing, etc. donated/ volunteered for Amor for Alex Nieto.
  • December 3: Amor for Alex supports and grieves for Mario Woods. Builds coalition with the San Francisco African American community.
  • December 8: Amor for Alex film and Lowrider Lawyers trailer presentation at Balboa High School, San Fran. Building, networking with high school teachers and students.
  • December 19: Flyering through SFM for premiere of Lowrider Lawyers.
  • December 31: Lowrider Lawyers in depth discussion on air “Connecting the Dots” 89.5 from 100 to 200 pm and on “Hard Knock Radio” 94.1.






2018 to 2020:





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