9th Annual Barrio Bushido Amor for Alex Carnaval Therapy :)

1It is true love and therapy to embrace your neighbors, loved ones, and perfect strangers 🙂

The 9th Annual Barrio Bushido Amor for Alex Nieto Carnaval Booth in La San Fran Mision. I used to do the booth with my brother Alex, RIP. Now we do it in his honor by spreading love and smiles, by sharing positive spirit and gifting literature, by fundraising together for the first ever memorial dedicated to the victim of a police killing.

After the final approval of the memorial this past April, The San Francisco Arts Commission and Parks and Recreation Department slapped a $20,000.00 maintenance fee for the next twenty years for the Amor for Alex Nieto Memorial. No worries, though, we are almost there with your loving contributions.

These are the promises that random loved ones wrote down for community empowerment. Please read, reflect, and commit to your own promise to help your community, especially those most downtrodden and in need.

Always Amor.


  1. En la lucha, on strike in Union City for better teachers’ rights and fighting for our students.
  2. Influence my community more by empowering the youth to follow their passion.
  3. Bring more engagement with various neighborhoods.
  4. Voy a ayudar a mi communidad imigrante especialmente nuestros ninos imigrantes. No mas separacion de familias y queremos a nuestros ninos vivos. Saul.
  5. I promise not to gatekeep and to pass on the plug!
  6. I promise to continue to tell anyone everyone who will listen about the murder of Alex Nieto and the Lowrider Lawyers movie. I will not forget him. Amor. Barbara Miron.
  7. I promise to keep passing on English skills to those who need it.
  8. I promise to teach the community about intersectionality. I commit myself to teach culturally relevant material.
  9. I dedicate my time with continuing to work with the community to fight for what is right. S.V. Debug.
  10. I promise to join or get involved with the tradition Mexica dance performances. I wanna get more involved with the Mission Community, take some classes about Nahuatl and maybe learn the language.
  11. I promise to keep my commitment to my people and my neighborhood. To always fight for the good fight and to always remain true to my people, ancestors, and the right to free ourselves from the oppression chains of colonial America.
  12. As a born and raised Mission citizen, it’s my duty to serve and pass a force and a voice to help heal our Mission community.
  13. Try to guide the youngsters in the right direction. Help feed my people that are on the street.
  14. I will continue to prioritize the most vulnerable in my math education of the youth in Oakland.
  15. I would never instigate violence.
  16. Keep the Mission alive.
  17. Help all of the Latinos that are going through hate and crime.
  18. Teach traditional songs of Mexico to the young ones.
  19. Coach and develop youth, guiding them through fitness and giving them hope for the future.
  20. Spread the truth about the Latino community.
  21. Spread the message of Alex Nieto.


To donate directly now for the International Amor for Alex Nieto Memorial, please visit the gofundme page here: https://www.gofundme.com/amor4alexnieto




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