“We Must Continue to Be Human Beings with and for Each Other”

Ben on Balmy Alley

The entire system is built on a lie. It is not a mistake or a miscalculation or an accident. The entire system is purposeful, and lies are extremely purposeful.

To it, you do not matter. Nothing you do matters.

I am not saying that you do not matter. I am not a nihilist. I am simply a man trying to understand simple things, like right now. I am trying to get myself into and out of the confusion that is reality, if there is such a thing. Life is a never ending process of untangling the web. That is the only solution even though that is no solution. Any total solution is beyond my understanding or desire.

That is ok.

What we are in is actually beyond any economics, education, environment, politics, medicine, religion, and even the new savior people worship: technology.

Technology does not have a purpose. Technology does not believe in anything. It has no mind. No soul. No eyes. We have made-believe it worships hard work and efficiency because we have told that lie to human beings for so long that we have forgotten that hard work and efficiency are straight up shots of lies.

Hard work and efficiency are vanities.

Hard work enslaves us.

Efficiency is not human or natural.

Hard work has tortured us, raped us, killed us.

Efficiency has dehumanized us, made us ultra-competitive, and been used to justify the most murderous wars in human history.

One Hundred Million murdered during the 20th century alone. Even if man had the will to war, he alone would be unable to kill so much.

Technology created that impossibility, something that seems totally impossible and totally evil by any objective human standard.

Some might argue that technology is now a worthy God we should submit to and praise. That is missing the point. Technology is oblivious to what you call it. It does not care because it is not a human being with a soul. It does not care if you worship it; it will simply take and eat whatever you give it, even your mind, even your soul, especially if you are voluntarily throwing it away.

We are real people with real concerns, the consciousness of the present moment. The system, which submits to technology in order to please technology, lies to us about the past, present, and future.

If we want to stay human beings with human being amor, we can no longer afford lies. Besides the obvious of today’s Coronavirus, perhaps one of the best examples of the system breaking down is the recent University of California Graduate Student Instructors “Wildcat” strikes.

For me this is a tipping point. Allow me to explain:

In order to be accepted into the University of California graduate programs, such as for the ultra-intellectual international high-caliber Ph.D programs, she must be smaat. She was designated as one of the smaatest persons on Earth, as the University of California is one of the best university systems on planet Earth, according to objective evidence that technology has given to us. This means that the young Ph.D candidate started very young, as a baby. She played chess, got the best grades, won all the awards, and did absolutely everything the system told her to do. She was told she would be rewarded with status, class, genius.

It was all a lie.

He jumped for joy when he had been accepted into the graduate program! He thought they cared about him and his ideas and all the beautiful research he was going to perform and change the world with!

Then he got to the best school on planet Earth. He realized that they did not care about his brains. He had been accepted not to perform important intricate research; no, he had been accepted, he had jumped for joy, to be used as a paper-correcter for hundreds of undergraduate students’ essays. This was not a graduate educational program. This was a job, a slave job. And he was not even able to afford a bed to sleep in, even though he was the smaatest person on planet Earth. They were taking advantage of him.

In the past, she would not have complained. She would have accepted the deceit and humiliation so that she could get a future letter of reference and also those magical letters behind her surname: M.A., M.F.A., Ed.D., Ph.D. etc. These little letters meant something once upon a time. They meant that she would get status and a job, an illusory job that did not require her to wash dishes or clean floors. He would not have to dig ditches or pick lettuce.

Those dream jobs had once been plentiful, something for only smaat people. But…it had all been a lie. They did not need you nor did they ever need you for any vital important job of the future. All your hard work had been a lie. All your intelligence was a sham. All your efficiency a cruel joke.

You had been suckered.

This little bit of web untangling is the beginning of authentic education:


Pura Neta.


The University of California Graduate Student Instructors are on strike. It began at U.C. Santa Cruz, and has now spread to Santa Barbara, Davis, Berkeley, Los Angeles, etc. They realize that there is no other way.

All I know is that we must continue to be conscious. It is only natural. Consciousness is not the ultimate answer, and that is because there is no ultimate answer. As I stated earlier, there is no solution. The best that I can understand is what I understand and do not understand and be ok with both understanding and not understanding. For now, for every present moment, I am challenged to be conscious and natural. That will help me be the best person I am.

I am not upset about the past or ignorant of all the insanity or obsessed with the future. I handle what I can handle in front of me right now. I help others to the best extent that I can. I look out at the air. I crack jokes during combat. That is the best I can do.

We are going to get through what we must get through. You will see. If you are in the present moment, that means you got through it all. When we get through this, technology is going to attempt to fool us that it alone solved our situation. We cannot allow fear to overcome our consciousness.

We must continue to be human beings with and for each other.


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