“Reddy Ryder: An APBT Pup in Action”

  • Click the video to meet Reddy Ryder, an APBT Pup in action. This is Reddy from 11 weeks old to five months old, from the first day I got em to now, the present moment, February 2021. In all, this is a transformation that took approximately 75 days.
  • The APBT needs lots of love because they give lots of love. Gameness. Positive Energy. Amor.
  • My name is Ben Bac Sierra. I’m from San Fran Frisco, the Mission District. I have been blessed by Pits since 1994, a year after I got out of the Marine Corps grunts. I had too much energy, and I needed a Pit Bull type of energy because of my history and for all the things I was doing. Pits have been part of my life now for almost three decades, but I am not an expert and don’t consider myself a Dogman, except for what I know, and that is my own.
  • I got my first street Pit, Mincho, out of Frisco’s Hunters Point/Bay View District. I met his mother, a beautiful buckskin gal, but I never saw his father. In actuality, Mincho was more like a Bandog with probably some Mastiff mix in him. Pits were popular in the 90’s in the Bay Area.
  • My next Pit was a red nose Diamond from West Oakland. I saw both his parents on site, and they looked solid Pit, but without a pedigree, you will never know, and that is ok. Diamond was a beautiful family Pit Bull dog and so was Mincho. They were everything I needed and more. Those dogs helped me become who I am today. At eleven years old, Diamond passed in January 2020. This past November it was time for some new Pit blood.
  • I knew I wanted another Pit, not a Bully, which is what a lot of people believe is now a Pit. Those dogs did not exist during my youth. There was no such thing as a bluenose Pit. When people thought of Pits, they immediately thought of only the legit American Pit Bull Terrier, even though they may not have understood the total history of that breed.
  • In the Bay Area, it’s harder now to get good Pit dogs, so this time I researched more, searched the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) classifieds listings, a legit site for the APBT, and found a solid pedigreed APBT out of South Carolina.
  • Officially he’s Caskey’s Mr. Chow, call name Reddy Ryder, and he is the first pedigreed APBT I have been blessed by.
  • These are some of the game dogs and Grand Champions that are from his pedigree: Machobuck, Michael Myers, Ice Cream, Damian, Haunchday, Macha, Little Tater, Mayday, Jocko, Redboy, Bolio, Tombstone
  • I don’t need or want a protector dog. I don’t need him to be super large or intimidating or needlessly aggressive. I love these dogs for who they are, and I respect their history.
  • But this is the new era of the APBT. I am as responsible as I can be with this action animal.
  • I love the energy of a dog that loves life, a dog that goes beyond the meaning of life—because he lives in the present moment in everything he does.
  • He has the energy of success in every moment. You will feel better than if you had a million dollars if you have these dogs. All dogs are beautiful, but these dogs are the total package: aesthetic art, athlete, Homey, workout partner, friend, family, Loved One. Reddy Ryder rides with you til the wheels fall off!  
  • When you are blessed by one of these dogs, you get to see a living being full of life grow and develop, just like a child, but they are fast forward because at five months, he can already run faster than you! This makes you feel alive. You feel like a champion yourself, and this may be vanity, but it is positive pride because you are sharing the love by giving your best to him, and this, of course, helps you give your best to others.
  • With the APBT, you can look at him and yourself in an extremely pure form: without words. And you can be encouraged to be better by just appreciating life at its most intense. The APBT is action for the sake of action, not for anything else but the purity of the moment.
  • Their drive is contagious. Their physical fitness is beyond compare. They can make you push further and workout harder. I envy his energy and try my best to become a game champion just like him. Game in lots of love.
  • As I said earlier, this is the new era of the APBT. This aint the 90’s anymore. I socialize him with different people, places, and dogs. I take him everywhere: all through San Fran Frisco, Oakland, Berkeley, the beach, the woods, the streets. I encourage him when there are loud noises. I praise him while we walk. I tell him with lots of love and authenticity that he is a good dog, brave, a champion, the best. When I want him to understand things about the house or training, I talk to him like if he were a human being, and I know he feels it even if he doesn’t understand it completely. He becomes closer to me, even though he knows I am in charge.
  • When I socialize him with other dogs, I tell him that he is a good dog. If another dog snaps at him, I stay there with him, bend down, and talk to him calmly. I tell him not to worry or take it personally. This does not mean that I am going to ignore his history once he gets older, but this is the best I can do for now so that he will understand basic socialization.
  • I do not want him to feel the need to be aggressive or to be afraid of anything. I want him to grow into a confident being, a true APBT that will smash stereotypes.
  • These dogs need heavy exercise every single day. They are not supposed to be ridiculously large or obese. They are supposed to have Bruce Lee type bodies. Lean, flexible, athletic. They are supposed to move quickly, yet be made of solid muscle. 
  • Puppies shouldn’t train too hard because they are still developing. Right now we go on long walks and runs on grass. We go to the beach, so he sinks and pushes out. On purpose I sometimes make him pull me, while I offer resistance. I give him power massages. We go hiking, and I get him used to lots of different surfaces. I have introduced him to the water, and once it warms up, he will be swimming.  
  • Nutrition: there’s a lots of talk about the raw food diet now, and I am looking into it, but for now I feed him some quality kibble, scrambled eggs, and boiled chicken for protein. I add fish oil to one of his meals. And I give him blueberries for anti-oxidants. Vegetables every now and then.
  • I hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned to see how I give Reddy a power massage so that his muscles get relaxed and conditioned and so that he can feel the depth of his power.
  • Always in all ways all amor!

Music: “My Favorite Things” by John Coltrane

Video and music are for non-profit educational and cultural teaching and pedagogy.

“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”

Reddy Ryder Reppin the Bay
At Oakland’s Lake Merritt
Reddy Ryder

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