Hooked on a Book: SF Public Library’s Pura Neta Video Trailer

The San Fran Frisco Public Library asked me to create a video trailer about Pura Neta for their “Hooked on a Book” series. Here I present to you my version with musical accompaniment and their trailer without music.

Every image and word is Pura Neta.

Pura Neta by Benjamin Bac Sierra is a paradox of pure truth and pure fiction. Set in the San Fran Frisco Mission varrio, Pura Neta explores the creative struggle of Homeboys and Homegirls fighting against gentrification, police brutality, racism, and economic and educational injustice.

I write what I live, and I live what I write.


Here below is the San Francisco Public Library version without musical accompaniment.

Pura Neta, Photo by Pochino Press

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