Lauren Muller, RIP

Lauren Muller, RIP.

One of the finest human beings I have ever known.

She taught me lots of Love for everything and for everyone. For over a decade, we collaborated doing Poetry for the People and spreading good Amor on the streets and in the communities. She would come and give her heart for others.

Lauren eventually became Margarita’s Poetry for the People Professor and wrote her a beautiful recommendation for graduate school. She had known Margarita since she was a child. Here in this picture are Margarita and Lauren with their Poetry for the People crew to see Joy Harjo speaking in San Francisco. Lauren would do this stuff all of the time.

When we would see each other, we would greet each other by saying the word “Amor”, smiling at each other, and embracing.  

I share one last embrace with you, my Loved One:

Always in All Ways All Amor Eterno.


Lauren Muller, RIP, third from left.

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