Too Taboo

“Too Taboo”

It is only at our lowest depths and through an acceptance of that which does not and never will make sense, that we can go beyond all of it—

Life is death; death is life.

These words frighten us, bewilder us, and, hopefully, help us laugh.

We cannot identify it, but we know that these words are too taboo to talk about.

“Someone stop him from making ridiculous proclamations! He has no right to go beyond what we know!”

I do not know what is right or wrong, nor do I really care about that.

My experience and existence is not meant to be logical. Once it happens to me, it is Life, that which is beyond logic, not controlled by the world.

To be human is to live and experience existence, like the rock experiences existence, like the tree experiences existence, like my dead bones experience existence.

My bones are not limited to logic. Here they are. They are liberated from my body. Who’s to say they don’t experience existence? Why do they need a brain or an algorithm to experience existence?

Before you answer, I point here, right here, and I say this exchange between us does not exist, yet here it is—less and more than even bones.

This does not make sense, nor does it have to.

Grace lives in the possible and impossible.

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