Logic Lost

“Logic Lost”

Seriously maddoggin you eye to eye, I joke this to you from the bottom of my gut—

I fight by putting my face forward so you can strike me right on the kisser.

With this as my fight plan, is there any way I can win?

I will die, and no strategy will change that.

Hit me with your best shot, and I will spit up blood that proves my life and whups your rules.

In the ring of life, I am a clown who break dances on the canvas.

I laugh loud.

You don’t even know how to challenge me, so you punish me, the target of your rules and laws.

I don’t defend myself with punches of proof. My fists are my experiences and sheer existence, and that is all I need against you cause you don’t even exist.

With black eyes, I laugh at logic as it counts me out:

Amor and nothing else!

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