A Monument to Pura Neta: the International Amor for Alex Nieto Memorial on Bernal Heights

Main Image Alex Memorial

Christopher Columbus did not discover anything. The Natives were already here. What Columbus did do was to begin the cycle of torture and enslavement which has lasted more than 500 years. Francis Scott Key, the composer of the Star Spangled Banner was a racist. His original lyrics actually advocated no-mercy murder of any slave escaping America’s wrath. The monument to this country that is its namesake, America, is a tribute to Amerigo Vespucci, who did not discover anything either, but at least he got it right that this place was not China or any other known continent. Therefore, America is actually named after the first person to tell us we are lost. We do not even know where or who we are.

America is a Monument to Confusion.

Why don’t most people know true history or the reality of today?

The goal of all these monuments has been to brainwash the masses with a Golden Calf, a false idol. For too long the teachers who believe in and teach the lies have forced their books and monuments upon us. Please, let us understand, that Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and the rest do not offer authentic education. Those places promote the system of greed: the goal of education in the system is to get a job, just like Columbus got a job, which is a lie. They teach you to value gluttony and to worship and be afraid of money, to be afraid of your own shadow.

But today across this country, across the world, grassroots people are rejecting fear and toppling boogeyman monuments. These are not protests. These are Uprisings.

The goal of any legitimate monument should be amor, which is the crux of authentic education. What good are intellectual theories that repeat and perpetuate insidious lies that teach you to hate yourself? No, to be truly educated does not mean you can write a pre-packaged essay. Truth is not the ability to critique or dominate or humiliate another with your “intelligence” that keeps you nice and safe, protected with weasel words.

The goal of authentic education is courage. If you are truly educated, with sincerity, you action on your ideas, no matter who or what is against you. The goal of authentic education is amor in its finest form. Amor for ancestors, amor for community, amor for perfect strangers—to stand up against the bullies, even if it means your life.

The only thing real is a rock. San Fran Frisco Bernal Heights.

The only memorial in all of San Francisco to be dedicated to grassroots amor, the people’s love, is the soon-to-be-installed International Amor for Alex Nieto Memorial, the first memorial dedicated to Pura Neta, pure truth:

The Amor for Alex Nieto Movement was the largest consistent movement ever in the history of the United States to defend the honor and to seek justice for a Latino victim of a police killing. We gained international acclaim using our community creativity and amor. We galvanized the youth and community to positive action. We, the people, led an intense scrutiny of the San Francisco Police Department and were part of a pivotal force in the removal of former Chief of Police Greg Suhr. Our movement can be directly linked to the changes in San Francisco politics of today. Note that former District Attorney George Gascon resigned in ignominy, and the people elected a new San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, who actually ran on a platform to prosecute police officers who unlawfully kill community members. This would have been impossible to even fathom when Alex was killed in the year 2014. Politicians were afraid of the police.

Except for inconsistencies and injustice from the courts, the parents of Alex Nieto received nothing monetarily whatsoever from San Francisco. The court trial revealed that Alex Nieto’s wrist bone was found in his left jacket pocket, even though police officers claimed Alex Nieto always had his hands out pointing a taser. It is impossible for someone to have pointed a taser with his hands in his pockets. Said taser was photographed after the killing, and it was found to be turned off, which totally discredits the police claim that Alex Nieto even pointed a taser, tracked a red laser beam at police, and fired a taser at officers, as the taser could not possibly emit a laser beam or fire while it is turned off. These are only a few of the inconsistencies in this case, yet the police officers were acquitted. After the trial, Roger Morse, one of the police officers who killed Alex, actually threatened to burn the family’s house. The police department and police commission never punished him.

High School and college students are now writing essays about the Alex Nieto case. In fact, Sean Monterrosa, recently killed by the Vallejo Police Department while he was on his knees with his hands up, was a City College of San Francisco student who was part of a class project dedicated to Alex Nieto.

Once the memorial is established, community members will hike up to that mountain and pray like Alex did and look out over the beautiful view of San Francisco and be inspired by our community resilience. Students will travel up to that hill for field trips and to learn about the history and creativity of our community; they will write thousands of authentic educational essays. Families will pilgrimage hands together and love each other at the place where Alex breathed his last breath. This will be a place of peace, of inspiration and amor.

This will be the actual language of Pura Neta on the plaque of the memorial:

Against the violence and injustice of 59 bullets, family and grassroots community arose as a movement to promote the positive spirit and defend the honor of a beloved young man, Alex Nieto, who was killed by the police.

Amor for Alex Nieto.



Photo of the Memorial Plaque

Toppling of Francis Scott Key

Photo of toppling of Francis Scott Key Monument in Golden Gate Park

Columbus with Bloody Hands

Photo of Christopher Columbus with blood on his hands, Coit Tower, San Francisco


Photo of Sean Monterrosa’s Family and Community Uprising

Morse FB

Photo of Officer Morse’s statement.


The actual location of the Alex Nieto Memorial.

Link to Alex Nieto Memorial official approval by SF Arts Commission: https://sfgov.org/arts/sites/default/files/190116_6_Alex%20Nieto%20Memorial_final.pdf





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