YAY Area: V-Town Uprising for San Fran Frisco’s Sean Monterrosa and Many More


San Fran Frisco’s Sean Monterrosa, a beloved young Brown Brother, was on his knees with his hands up when the Vallejo police shot him five times and executed him on early Tuesday morning, June 2, 2020. The officer who murdered Sean, Detective Jarrett Tonn, has been involved in four shootings in five years. No Vallejo police officer has ever been criminally charged for killing anyone, even though there has been more than enough probable cause for prosecution for many murders. Vallejo is third in the state per capita for police killings. Their police have one of the highest salaries and benefits packages in California. A police chief in New York City makes about the same as a beat cop in Vallejo. The Vallejo police force is 73 percent white, even though Vallejo is one of the most diverse cities in the United States.

On Saturday, June 13, 2020, over a thousand V-Town and YAY Area grassroots people bloomed as the beautiful flowers they are. From City Hall to the Vallejo police station, we marched, shouted, and offered each other amor. Armed to the teeth, fully militarized police with assault rifles and tanks attempted to intimidate us. But the people would not be silenced anymore. Family members of the slain, attorneys, and activists sang their songs to the heavens so that the angels on earth could hear. We listened as speaker after speaker discussed the murder of their loved one and the corruption of the Vallejo police department.

For over a decade, I have led and been part of lots of uprising events, but this one was straight rooted in Hood Heroes. Vallejo is a forgotten world, tucked away from the big cities of Frisco and Oakland. The hometown organizers claimed that there had never been a people-turnout this large. V-Town folks have been fighting this fight alone in their overwhelmingly oppressed community. Yet they kept fighting with dignity and lots of love. They embraced the Frisco folks that were there for Sean Monterrosa.

A theme that kept coming up from many different speakers was how standardized education and the law are lies. Listening to the family members and speakers was to be empowered and educated more than if one were to read 100 Ph.D dissertations. Many speakers condemned the ultra-educated official civil leaders, politicians, church spokespersons, etc. The speakers stated that politicians have never supported the grassroots people, that they always turned their backs on them, but that now, because of the Uprisings all over Earth, politicians are jumping on the bandwagon and feigning support. The activist organizers emphasized that no politicians were marching with us.

Only we, the frontline, change anything.

Soon the truth will come to light about Sean Monterrosa’s murder by Vallejo PD. We will finally view the officer’s bodycam footage, which up to now, two weeks after Sean’s murder, has yet to be released! Soon we will see if the politicians and leaders will finally seek justice or whether their words will be proven to be a gimmick.

The Vallejo Police Officers Association, without a doubt, is offering simple gimmicks that they relied on time and time again to keep the mass media herd apathetic and asleep. In response to the uprising yesterday, which you can read below, they demean the people’s voices and recommend the following: “How to have a civil discussion is what adults should be teaching children.” Note their racist remarks do not even attempt to offer substance to the actual issue that they murder Black and Brown Brothers. They want a “civil” discussion from someone like educated Karen, Lisa Alexander (see photo and link below). Yesterday, across the YAY in San Francisco’s most elite and educated area, Pacific Heights, Lisa Alexander, CEO of LaFace Skincare (a beauty line product!), called the police on a Black man for chalking “Black Lives Matter” on his own property. She was very articulate, educated, and civil.

Disgusting. Ugly.

The whole system is like this. I have experienced and felt it my entire life.  By some grace or arbitrariness, I became ultra-educated, so I know first-hand that all their rhetoric is mumbo-jumbo ugly lies, an insult to authentic intelligence, which is wisdom.

Once the bodycam footage of Sean Monterrosa’s murder becomes available, let’s see who is truly educated, civil, and moral.

Con Safos.

Benjamin Bac Sierra, M.A., J.D., USMC 0331, San Fran Frisco, SFC, SFM

YAY Area!

Vallejo’s E-40 “Yay Area”




Vallejo Police Officer’s Association Response to the Uprising in Vallejo on Saturday, June 13, 2020:

POA Statement



Lisa Alexander Calling The Cops:




Michelle Monterrosa, Sister of Slain Sean Monterrosa, Speaks:


Civil Rights Attorney Adante Pointer Speaks:




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