La Mision: Revolutionary Varrio


Yesterday, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, a new generation stood up and took over. They led the biggest march ever through the San Fran Mission and Frisco streets. I would estimate there were 50,000 human beings united with lots of love. I intently absorbed the young Brown and Black youths’ genius. Then we marched offering amor and spirit to each other. At one point, I perched on someone’s stairs and just marveled at the people passing by, people of all colors, creeds, and creations. It took one full hour for the entire crowd to get through from beginning to end. Gente, that’s not 10,000; that’s 50,000 people! I have been part of lots of movements, and we have done some great things, but until yesterday, the closest march that would compare is our August 2017 Frisco Resistance march that went from Alamo Square to 24th Street, and that was about 15,000 to 20,000 folks.

Yesterday’s youth led march was bigger and bad as fuck, unprecedented! Their words were wisdom. Their energy was fire. I am humbled to have been there offering amor.

San Fran Frisco Forever.

Protest Marks New Era in Mission Demonstrations



Video from Calle 24 Latino Cultural District

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