If the difference between good and evil is simply a matter of morality, then there is nothing truly good or bad.

Why should anyone be rewarded for simply solving 2+2=4 and always obeying that command?

Once Nietzsche claimed that God is dead, the world built a new golden calf called logic.

It is only supposed to be a tool, but the world carved it to be an omniscient dictator that controls everything, even morality.

We obey the algorithm that says it is not immoral to poison the population with propaganda and junk.

Freedom of speech

Freedom to make money

Freedom to be evil

This is all authorized by the logic of law.

Reason does not demand more than reason, but my human heart demands more.

How can I judge? Based on what?

Logic wants me to judge with its cold utilitarian lies, but I know I have no right to use logic to hide my imperfections. In fact, judging just makes things worse—for I become shameful in my vanity.

Inside of my heart, that is what matters most, and it does not give a damn about logic!

A person prayed to the God of logic, “I have done everything good according to the law of logic, and I know that is why you bless me with everything that is logical and normal—while others suffer because they are too stupid to figure out 2+2=4, so they are evil.”

Another person prayed to God, as he beat his breast, bowed his head, and cried garbled grunts—

“Lord have mercy on me, a sinner!”

Which one was the good person?

Luke 18: 9-14

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