Love Never Stops

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You are going to make it. You are a strong brave man, and this world still needs you.

Loved Ones,

Our brother Marco Tony Lowride Guardado is making it. He is now stable and finally eating solid food. He is a strong brave man, but he needs your help. He needs you.

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Marco has suffered through the most intense leukemia cancer treatments and has endured many complications. It has been hard, beyond what most people will suffer in their entire lives. He has been hospitalized since Monday, March 15, much of that time in the Intensive Care Unit, where he has fought for his life.

Still, he thinks of others and has this message for you: “Take care of your health; there is nothing more precious in this world.”

Now, we must take care of him.

He had been working at Recreation and Parks in the Bayview/Hunters Point district, but we have been notified that he will be unable to work for at least a year. He is the sole caretaker of his elderly mother. He has an eight year old daughter who he hopes to help through all of this. Marco will require professional care and attention.

Please give what you can.

All Amor,

Ben Bac Sierra

Uncle Ray Balberan

This was the longest I had my hair in forty years, but our Brother needs us, so…
Shaved for solidarity with my Brother Marco Tony Lowride
Twins 🙂 Love Never Stops
At the Champions of Humanity Monument

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