Solid Street Soul Sol: The Lonely One con Poetry

As a teenager, I constantly kept dropping the needle back down on the line to spin Terry Huff and Special Delivery’s “The Lonely One”, which in the 1980’s was already considered a rare soul oldie, even though it was only ten years old. The toughest Mas Locos y Locas knew “The Lonely One” was a classic.

Recently, I discovered there is actually an instrumental version to the song.

I love to invent, create, educate, and share. Please enjoy a solid street soul song video accompanied by your varrio servant’s poetry.

“One Is All”

The most Love
You can give is
Not to
The most people
The most Love
You can give is to
Only one


This builds the
Human connection
That we all need in
Order to survive
This language
This make-believe world

Give Love to
One person
And you
Give Love to
The entire world

You can even
Start out with
Love to

“Bone Silences the Heart”

We never see each other again

At first it is hard
But then
Memory fades to a
Tragic fate:

We like to imagine
That we are
So special as to never be
So strong as to never

We are not that
Special or strong
We are simply
Human beings
That get tired and
Beaten up and
Even if we do not
Want to stop

Everything ends

The luster of your lips
The sound of your song
The hint of your hair

I forget that I forgot you
Then I forget even that

Time kills everything

Bone silences the heart

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