“On Thinking: A Pura Neta Reflection”

What good is any education that does not try to teach consciousness?

It is not the same as being woke. We all woke up today. There is something else, that which is before and beyond our idea, our word of being woke.

Who are you?

You are not the mass, for the mass is make-believe, and it breeds a communal unconsciousness. But the worst of it is not the unconsciousness but the venom it bites you with. You start make-believing stories about yourself that are based on negative, manipulative energy. You absorb this poison, and it kills you with a fake consciousness. You believe that the ideas are yours, but they are not even your own thoughts in your own mind.

How can you become conscious if you do not first know yourself?

Despite negative cliches and critique about the ego, the “I” must first be dealt with before you can go beyond it. You cannot simply dismiss it because it is who you believe you are. You must wake up not to the world, but you must first wake up to yourself. Then you can accept and embrace that your identity is simply a construction that you have imagined. Your name, your age, your life is all someone else telling you who you are. This is the limitation of thought and thinking. Once you strip yourself of your thinking identity, then you can become conscious of roots—that which existed before the word or thought of consciousness. We were simply in awe. We, you, I, were in a perfect state of being because we did not think about being.

Descartes was too proud of his thinking mind. It is not true that I think, therefore I am. You are, you exist, whether you think or not, just as the tree is and exists whether it thinks or not. Your consciousness is not a colony to be discovered. In order to find your soul, you must throw it away in order to reach a deeper, purer state of being.

Paradise lost.

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.”

― John Milton, Paradise Lost

Your mind can function like a demon that controls and possesses you, but that is not really who you are. The mind is only a part of who you are, and the thoughts in your head trick you. There are other places and things in the universe and inside of you.

Once you can strip yourself away from this madness in your mind that is constantly bombarding you with ideas that are not even your own, then you can embrace, for example, the animal inside you.

I feel more kinship with my dog than with my computer.  

Technology is not going to evolve us into consciousness because it does not care about that, and the people manipulating technology care more about you remaining unconscious than they do about your personal salvation.

This is actually the basis of Pura Neta.

Paradise gained.

There are brief moments when you are not thinking, and then all your worries go away, don’t they? When you climb a mountain, you cannot think, yet you are conscious. Being with my dog purifies me because we exchange energy that is beyond thought. I see him, he sees me. Without the need for words, we share space, and there is something powerful and present in doing this.

Feeling my body helps me, too—working out, for example. Body is beyond mind. It is impossible for me to use my mind to beat my heart or control the blood that runs through my veins. My body does things that are beyond my thoughts. It breathes without me thinking about it. Your body feels; it does not think when you are exercising. In this way you are in a more rooted state of who you are. Exercise, functional physical movement, cleanses me and nourishes me, even though I cannot fully escape my mind.

Every action and inaction is a confession of who you are. The question is whether it is the puppet-master pulling your strings or you dancing to your own song?

More than any material or intellectual desire, if you want consciousness, your yearning must have soul as its goal.

Eat from the earth to become who and what you are, which is both before and after consciousness.

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