Video of Why Write? Imagination: Evolution, Revolution, and Roots (Part 4 of 7)

Wake up and gift your heart away 🙂

“What book are you reading?” The barista asked.

The Book of Disquiet by Pessoa,” I answered.

“This coffee’s on me,” he said gifting it to me.

“Gracias, Brother.”

I sat at a table and wrote him a piece of cholo calligraphy art, read more of the book, wrote a little for myself, then gifted him the art and the book, and left.

Gracias, Ariel, para the cafecito! The Book of Disquiet, the book that you asked about, p. 272 #322—Every gesture, however simple, violates an inner secret. Pessoa, F.”

I ran the streets then completed the Part 4 of 7 Why Write? video linked below. This is critical race theory.

Good morning!

For the full series on Why Write, please click the link:

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