“Technology Is Now the Law”

Technology is now the law.

The law has always been corrupt, but now without some semblance of human beings in power, the algorithms rule us. Whatever the algorithm commands us is important, effective, ethical, and correct is what the law is, and it will be constantly changing to an absurd evolution we believe is perfection.

This is its best argument:

“Things are better than they were before, and before is always just yesterday. We have no more wars, no more incurable diseases—we live longer and are inventing eternity!”

We do not want battlefields; we want drones. We do not want old age; we want the fountain of youth that is found in the screen of our smartphones. We do not want life; we want certainty, which we do not understand means death, death while living.

2+2=5 is a most beautiful human thing, which is vida loca itself. No algorithm can understand this.

I end with amor:

“As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

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