Lion and Lamb

From my new novel, Listo:

                                        Lion and Lamb

Perhaps one day we can return together to a place of first nature, where the lion and lamb lay amongst each other in paradise. Perhaps we can even get there now.

“Unless you become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18: 1-3.

Victory is not everything.

“Love is won” is passive. In “love is won”, love is being acted upon. It is not active as, for example, in “I win love”, where “I” is the cartoon character in action having overcome some obstacle that leads to you winning love. That scenario would give you a specific story of you as a champion. That is easy because we all like to imagine ourselves as some sort of savior in a movie show.

“Love is won” is harder. There the abstraction of love separates you from the sentence. Love is in an eternal state of being, which is beyond you, which does not even include you in the story, where your own action of imagination does not exist; therefore, it requires true love, something beyond yourself where it does not matter whether you action in the story.

Selflessness is a Sun of a bitch.

In order to love, you cannot be the hero of your own story:

Love is won.

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