Vida Loca

Vida Loca should immediately offend you. It should remind you of the most vile curse word. Once we embrace that insanity, we can be honest with each other.

To howl Vida Loca! in the middle of the street at midnight is to understand and accept that which is beyond understanding.

To howl is only natural.

Vida Loca is the best way to put it. I was thrown into it. Now I am here.

It is more than absurdity—as if one could grasp this existence and yawn, “Oh, that’s odd,” as if this is simply some science fiction film.

Vida Loca is vicious and does not make sense. It gives you the highest highs and lowest lows. It is crazy life, something real I can respect.

Que Será, Será.

Whatever will be, will be.

The time for rhyme
The test for the best

The lust for life
Is stronger than
The despair of death

Listo Reddy
Vida Loca

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