“Soul Sol”

Not with my will am I trying to create a literature that offers Amor.

All spider symbols are formatted in their fluffy web of sentences. Of course they bite and will ultimately suck your blood, but they can also be friends that get us back to some simple spider shit.

Love—cause that’s the only web any of us want to be stuck in. In fact, we don’t even mind all the blood and suffering that web comes with. If we can appreciate this, we can get closer to the ultimate message on Earth:


Imagine this: people devote themselves to Love, even though they are all sinners. This would be the reality of the idea of Now: Automatic Amor. We offer Amor, and if we can’t or don’t, we repent and automatically go back to mas Amor.

If I could do that, I would not be serving my imperfect, un-free will.

Any time you feel evil, automatically offer amor—to yourself and to others.

For every argument, offer amor.

This is not just an ideal; it can be reality better than any propaganda they feed us that actually sickens us.

It is very simple: Love.

Without doubt, I know there is no fulfillment in my will. I am stupid, petty, and even sometimes sincere—and none of it will save me from myself. None of it captures any meaning, and nothing ever will because meaning is too stupid to try to understand or to even care about understanding—as if the understanding of meaning would even fulfill my stupid sense! I am a mockery, and I mock myself even more by trying to fight evil with evil.

There is no war where you will defeat evil with an atom bomb of more evil.

Intelligence as a root to fulfillment, as any type of real solution, is an illogical lie.

If these words mean anything, all glory to the will of God, which is Love, that takes pity on this wretched soul of mine.

“Soul Sol”

We have
No understanding of

We are in the
Same situation
We’ve always been in,
We still
Don’t understand it:


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