“Listo Love”

There is nothing more than Listo Love.

I allow Listo, the APBT, the Pure Pit, to guide me with all Amor.

He is pure goodness, grace, and Love, a solid rock from some other planet—Kryptonite! He humbles Superman.

He is Popeye’s spinach, a miracle. I open him up, and he explodes like an atom bomb into the earth, into my Soul. I see him jump. I see into his fireballs that are eyes, and I flex my bicep and it grows bigger, a mountain of might.

I am Reddy for anything.

But it is him, not me, for I was going to call it quits, cur out, but how could I allow Bluto to beat me?

It does not make sense, and Listo knows this even though he does not know anything except Amor.

He is genius enough to feel that this is all there is and all there will ever be. He helps me feel this, so I serve him, offer him all I have, and he gives me much more than I will ever need or deserve.

He is my Road Dog, Reddy Ryder.

Listo Love.

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