Writing for Change: The Sublime

For the past 48 hours, I have felt the sublime, the intense awe of Amor.

It is better to give than to receive.

Going now to drop off the 83 Cadi Coupe de Ville and take the Loved One for a cruise throughout the Frisco City Streets 🙂

For a Brother who was behind the wall for 33 years and for his familia: Your Coupe de Ville has been fully restored by hand to its ultimate condition. Paint, chrome, interior, tires, rims, and windows. There are some flaws but it is the best it can be. This was a four hour process with three men working as a team of Amor for your Frisco Fam.

Always in all ways all Amor Eterno.

“The Sublime”

The words cannot capture it–the feeling of the sublime, which is outside yet inside and beyond both.

If there is beauty, this is it. If there is grace, this is it.

There are no opinions. There is nothing known or unknown.

The present moment is not reality, yet you are there in awe.

It is an adventure where you have travelled too far and what you have felt will be impossible to forget.

If there is Amor, this is it.

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