Writing for Change: “Lowrider Love”

“Lowrider Love”

When I first got out of the Corps back in 93, I had heard his name but never expected to meet him because he was serving a life sentence in La Pinta.

Before he went in, he had started a family. Behind the walls, from 1987 to 2020, for 33 years, they loved each other. His wife held it down for those many lonely years. Their child married and had children, and they would all journey together to visit him. He now even has the blessing of a great-grand child.

Finally last year in 2021, we finally met and shared lots of love at San Fran Frisco’s King of the Streets Lowrider Show. For this past Carnaval, in my Monte Carlo, we cruised through the parade. Sitting shotgun, he was as happy as a teenager, dancing, singing to solid Soul, laughing, and teaching me about life.

I promised them that I would find them a classic car so that they could continue their own lowriding Amor adventure any time they want.

Last night drove out to Antioch, Califas and put down a deposit for an original owner “OG Cadi” 83 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, a cream puff, a Firme dream car that will be theirs and that will offer Amor to them and all those that see them rolling on the Frisco City streets!

Gracias to John Munoz for saving and selling the ride 🙂

Loved Ones Sharing a Lifetime of Love at Carnaval 2022
OG CADI 83 COUPE DE VILLE, me and John Munoz making the transaction so they can get their classic 🙂

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