“Prey-Drive, Pray-Drive”

For Reddy Ryder, APBT:

To be totally focused, you must be hungry.

It is an instinct to be sharp, to be Reddy for the hunt.

You are in the divine, and there is no malice. It is simply a gift from God that you search, that you wait, that you prey in order to pray.

It is there.

Your eyes explode, and the rest of your body follows.

In a full-force dash, you move and do not think.

It is too late for that.

You prey. You pray.

It is there, your dream come true.

It does not matter whether you win or lose.

You do not quit.

This drive for prey is all there is.

This pray-drive is all there is.

Game-Bred, Game-Driven.

APBT Pure Pit Prey-Drive Conditioning Keep, Reddy Ryder Mayday Dog!

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