“Stranger on the Street”

“Stranger on the Street”

I ask from somewhere unknown—

“How long does love last?”

The answer comes from someone I do not know—

“It is a flash of lightning that shows the soul. It is not memory lingering or future anticipating. It is fiercer than that. Love is not destiny. It is here and gone like a star falling from the sky. By asking the question, you miss your chance.”

I listen and thank a stranger that is myself, a stranger I will never meet again in a place I do not know.

Offering an embrace of Amor at the start of a Mission mural tour for 100 Oakland high schoolers 🙂
Chata Gutierrez Mural, 24th and South Van Ness
Alta Al Fuego en la Mision Mural, 24th and Capp
Once Upon a Time in the Mission Mural, 24th and Shotwell
Benny B

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