American Pit Bull Terrier National Conformation Championship!

With all Amor and blessings to you, I share here my video of the 2022 American Pit Bull Terrier National Conformation Championship at the Salt Lake County Fairgrounds, Utah!

Get up-close and personal with the Truth—the best, most spirited athlete on planet earth! Lots of Love from all around the country:

For 28 years, ever since I got out of the Marine Corps and war, these dogs have been there with me, and even if I let them down, they never quit on me. They have gone beyond even their last breath—because they have gifted me their spirit:


They teach and fulfill and bless me.

Til the wheels fall off.

Pitt (left), the Best in Show American Pit Bull Terrier at the National Competition, 2022 with Reddy Ryder–both deep May Day blood line APBT’s.
Distant Cousins
A grandfather and grandson with their APBT’s
Reddy Ryder Rydes!

Thank you to the ADBA and the Salt Lake Terrier Association for sponsoring this beautiful event showcasing the O.G. Internationally renowned American Pit Bull Terrier 🙂

A Marine Corps Grunt during Desert Storm, Task Force Ripper, Kuwait City 1990
With my first Pit Mincho back in 95
Me and Diamond, 2010
2022 with Reddy Ryder

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