“Layers of an Onion”

“Layers of an Onion”

In our world, which is not life, truth is revealed like layers of an onion.

This world cannot give what it doesn’t have. It is made up of things that have no time for truth. All this world can give you is layers of bitterness and confusion.

To live life! This is a dream that escaped me.

I rock myself to sleep. In this writing, I sing a lullaby to put myself to sleep…

To awaken!

To awaken inside of a dream.

I love to sleep to live life. In this dream, there is an honesty that does not exist in the world. There is union with the divine.

In the world, everyone misleads me and contradicts each other. If I speak of Love, they call me a liar.

In my dream, Love is total truth, the entire onion—not bitterness, but fire and peace with all of it.

An Entire Onion 🙂

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